A Sky Las Vegas Christmas, Get the Hell Out! Attorney Mike Schulman's Letters Released: Robert Paisola Reports

As many of you know, we have been following the business dealings of Sky Las Vegas, Milbank CEO M. Aaron Yashouafar, as the waves of corruption and despair have hit the homes of thousands around the country because of one person...Milbank CEO M. Aaron Yashouafar

Tonight we received an emergency call from a resident at Yashouafar's Sky Las Vegas Condominium Complex explaining that he was being kicked out of his unit, he has 2 kids, and the attorney for Yashouafar, Michael T. Schulman, of Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin, LLP located at 3556 E. Russell Road, 2nd Floor in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had heard that Schulman had done this to other residents and ABC News was even doing a story on this, however this call was paramount to our investigation into Schulman and Yashouafar, as this was 11:00 on Christmas Eve 2010.

The tape you are about to hear is difficult to listen to, as kids are involved. The corrupt organization that had for so long run like gold from the heavens was crumbling, and you could tell from the way Schulman, Yashouafar and Christine A. Gibbs were reacting, that this international forum was starting to cost them MILLIONS and criminal allegations were being posted by victims all over the internet.

Destroying a family on Christmas Eve... That was enough for us to take action.

The tape that you are going to hear is live and uncut. Listen for yourself and ask yourself "What would I do" We know what we are going to do, and it is going to go around the world like a rocket.

We present to you a one on one interview with Western Capital Multimedia's President and CEO, Robert Paisola and this victim, who we will call "Tim"

The Agreement Confirmation: He says he will pay the bill- It is not his!

 Thank you for your emails regarding the difficult matter.Since Mr xxx has been the main reason for this matter,and I totally understand Sky position.In speaking with BOA this transaction could go threw as early as Jan 31. I contacted tenants rights of Nevada and my attorney.what an ordeal :-)...   any way tenants rights of Nevada are telling me that Nevada's law is once I'm contacted the owner is not paying his electricity bill,its seems to be a problem out here.that I either get the option to pay the bill going forward or get a written 30 day notice.
    Know the matter with me buying the unit from BOA which I guess happens allot,informs me that I will have to pay 6 months arrears for HOA and elecricty Which I'm happy to do.and could happen as soon as Jan 31. 
    My lease states that my electricity was included in my rent,so if Sky does not want to work out something with me.I understand,but with wanting to purchase the unit,and right that a renter has,I would like to work this out.
    Lastly It seems if we can not work anything out the law states I'm due a 30 day notice to find a new place to live,,,this is very stressful
     dealing with this around the holidays,with Sky an owner that wont corporate and tenants rights,and my attorney.
   At least I would like to pay the electricity going forward for the next few weeks until after the purchase.
       Thank you for your help.
Attorney Mike Schulman Responds
Mr. XXX- You have alleged a great deal of things in your note below, including your interpretation of the law between landlords and tenants. Without speaking to the accuracy of your outline of such law, you must remember that the association is NOT your landlord. Nevada Revised Statutes Section 116.345 states what the association’s duties are vis-à-vis the owner. I assure you the association has followed the law.  To the extent you believe you have any rights against your landlord, you should seek legal advice and take whatever action you desire.

With respect to your comments about being responsible for up to  6 months of unpaid assessments if you acquire title to the unit, there are a number of mistakes or issues in that statement too. First, the law I think you are referring to is the law allowing the association to retain a super priority of an amount equal to NINE (9) months  of unpaid assessments (Effective October 1, 2009). What the “assessments” include is the subject of a number of civil proceedings at the moment.  Finally if the transaction involves a short sale, it is my belief that the section you are referring to does not apply, and to the extent the association has a lien for assessments and or other items, then the lien remains in full force and effect.

Finally, please be advised that the electricity to the unit will be cut off on January 3, 2011 unless the owner resolves any issues relating thereto with the association. The association cannot and will not accept payment of the electricity bills from you without the owner’s prior written consent.
Our Client Reaches Agreement with Attorney Mike Schulman and then receives this!
Mr. XXX:

I wrote to you yesterday on behalf of the association to make an offer about payment of the electrical bills for the Unit by you and  the association not cutting off the electricity  if you paid such bills and continued to pay them currently. I sent a copy of the offer to the owner of the unit as a courtesy. The association had been unable to contact him before the association made the offer to you despite numerous attempts to do so by phone, email or mail. Mr. XX, the owner of the unit, has now advised us that the association cannot disclose to you on an ongoing basis the amount due for electricity and that we do not have his permission to proceed with the offer we made to you. Therefore, please be advised that the offer made to you on behalf of the association yesterday in my letter is hereby withdrawn. The electricity to the unit will be turned off on January 3, 2011, unless the owner makes other arrangements with the association. The association will not contact you or negotiate with you further regarding the electricity to the unit. You should take whatever steps you deem appropriate and deal with the owner about your continued occupancy of the unit.

Michael Schulman, Esq.
Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin,  LLP
3556 E. Russell Road, 2nd Floor
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
Tele:  (702) 341-5200 ext. 113
Fax:  (702) 341-5300

Our Memo to Attorney Mike Schulman (From Western Capital Corp)
The purpose of this memo is to officially inform you that we are now involved in this matter.  We are forwarding all of the relevant data to the Nevada State Attorney Generals office for prosecution.
You are strongly advised that this type of conduct against residents who have done nothing to cause any financial loss for the association , and are seen a "victims" by the State of Nevada is completely unacceptable.
Your continued terroristic attacks on residents of The Sky Las Vegas Complex, is going to ensure that YOU are PERSONALLY SUED along with the Board of Directors for this conduct.  I look forward to the day that I see a complaint filed with your bar number against a resident, as we will pursue you in the discovery process like you have never experienced.
You should know that this letter is being written at 11:38 PM PST on December 24, 2010 (Christmas Eve) and you have personally, along with Christine A Gibbs and Aaron Y, caused serious harm to Mr. XXXXX  As always, your agents continue to violate statutes that require the Management to keep these matters confidential, and therefore shall be subject to additional legal actions.
This letter is being tendered for public display along with the following audio clip that shall be tendered as evidence against you.
Mike, this is going to end, and the question is simple, will you have your bar license and will your clients go to Federal or State Prison.
Game on
Robert Paisola
Western Capital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- AP------------------

(Give the file a second to load)This is an audio file and is an interview with the victim Christmas Eve 2010 for Court with Sky Las Vegas Resident Christmas Eve 2010.WMA

For The Media:
The Attorney we want  to be Disbarred, Michael Schulman
Your Pit bull Investigator, Robert Paisola
The Attorney - Mike Schulman

Your Reporter- Robert Paisola

The Property No Bank should Loan On EVER- SKY LAS VEGAS

The Homeowners Association that is being sued (and charged criminally) by the victims

Milbank CEO M. Aaron Yashouafar

The Future Hands of Milbank Real Estate CEO and President
M. Aaron Yashouafar as he faces the Criminal Courts for his Actions around the nation

Christine A. Gibbs Nevada

The $130,000 per year Puppet, Christine A. Gibbs,  for
M. Aaron Yashouafar, Prescott Real Estate, Milbank Real Estate, and the
Public Face of the Criminal Conspiracy.

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