A Sky Las Vegas Class Action Lawsuit to Commence, Robert Paisola Reports

A Sky Las Vegas Class Action Lawsuit to Commence, Robert Paisola Reports

Our attempts to resolve our differences with the Board of Directors of the Sky Las Vegas have resulted in nothing but the receipt of a letter from Counsel for the Board of Directors, However, today, we were able to contact Attorney Michael Schulman, who is Counsel for the Board of Directors at The Sky Las Vegas, and in our discussions, we determined that we will permit The Defendant and the Board of Directors a period not to exceed 48 Hours to settle this instant matter prior to moving forward.

As we have always advised, you, our loyal readers and viewers, we do all that we can to avoid litigation.  Most of the time this tactic is very successful, and sometimes, such as the suit that we filed in Florida yesterday against Portfolio Recovery Associates Et Al., is the only way to permit the public to see and experience the wrongs that are and have been occuring against society.

You may read more about this case by reading the article entitled "

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Portfolio Recovery Services: IGS Nevada: Illegal Debt Collections: Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Robert Paisola Reports Live

 We shall give the Defendant(s) in the Sky Las Vegas Class Action Matter the time that Counsel, Michael Schulman,  has requested in order to give the Board of Directors time to resolve this case.

Should there be no forthcoming resolution, then we shall post all of the emails, correspondence, conversations and data to support our claims against the Company run by Prescott Management, and the President of The Board of Directors, M. Aaron Yasopher , whom we have featured in depth on this site  

We wish you well and please stay tuned to this blog as well as our other 1700 news outlets around the world for further updates, including this site,, The Village Voice,,, The Associated Press, etc.

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