Sharie Harvin Reports for CBS from Las Vegas, Nevada

Who is Marilyn LeVaseleur?

LAS VEGAS -- While protestors rallied at the Grant Sawyer Building, Nevada's largest homeowners association met in Summerlin. The Sun City Summerlin HOA held a special meeting to approve hiring a new executive director. The meeting that turned into a shouting match.

For two hours, Sun City Summerlin homeowners expressed their frustration and opposition to approving a new executive director. The controversy is over timing. The association is in the middle of an election and in two weeks a new board will be in place.

It's a decision one board member says can wait.

"I think it behooves us to wait. Some people are in a hurry and for the life of me, I don't know why," said board member Joe O'Connel.

None of the five board members who voted for the new leader were willing to talk about their position on the matter. It is a problem homeowners say is bigger than their 14,000 member association.

"What's happened here today is a symptom. It's the cause -- it's a symptom," said homeowner Robert Hall.
And a solution they hope comes out of this legislative session -- laws giving homeowners more power than their association.

"This is gonna bankrupt most of the common interest communities in this state and cause the kind of situation we've seen here today," said Hall.

In two weeks, ballots must be in and the new board will meet on the 24th of this month. Board members say they could move to fire the new executive director, but then the issue becomes, how much her replacement will cost.

Hundreds of members of Sun City Summerlin Homeowner's Association are upset with their board and they let them know it in a very heated meeting today. CBS NEWS Reporter Sharie Harvin will have a report at 6.

Re: [SCBuzz] Re: Summerlin, You have Captured the Wonderment of America, Robe...

Robert Paisola,  phoned me today and emphasized as a FACT that Steinman as President was improperly removed from office without any written or tested by rebuttal time to face his accusers. On one count he has been exonerated and on the other the alleged victim has stated that it was not accurate.  Threats from the Bjonerud\McCanna duo, were taken too seriously.   This was wrong and is still a wrongful act.   Was the Bjonerud\McCanna duo threat an act of "extortion and or blackmail"?  Perhaps this needs to be researched fast.
I suspect that if this is adjudicated, Steinman would be declared, or judged to still be the President and all acts by the LeVasseur Board found to be null & void.   This I would l like to believe.
Bernard Silver

"Look how fast this was posted and the link distributed. I tried to warn you! :(
And this is just the beginning, folks. Our problems are going to be splashed all
over the Internet. I am so disappointed in this chat line for giving him a forum
to cause such harm to our community. It is going to be very difficult for our
community to recover from this."

BJ Martens

Our Reply
WHY do you think that you are getting the attention YOU DESERVE? Do you not see that this is the ONLY way that you are going to undo the serious harm you have received as a result of this board.  The statement that  should be asked is this... WHAT AM I, AS A VICTIM GOING TO DO TO ASSIST Mr. Silver and Mr Bob Robey Are DOING for YOU.  Being an armchair quarterback does NOTHING.  If you question our intentions, just ask Mr Robey about the call we had with Steinmans Attorney Today.  Wake UP!

Michael Schulman - Michael you may be surprised that I write you, but more surprised of what I have to say.  

Michael I come to you in two ways!    First I just know how you operate that you never would have approved the result of what took place by the SCSCAI Board, and self serving LeVasseur pushing what took place at the circus of early today.   You can say what you want, I am sure this was up front not your suggestion.

Now the other side of the issue of the new Executive Director!    If you did support the issue the SCSCAI Board passed, with the self serving LeVasseur admitting by her act that she cares little for the residents, then you should not be fired or released - - - if I was on the Board you would be thrown out by your A - - !

         Have some guts Michael, admit the truth, and if I am originally correct, and you
         did not support what LeVasseur and the Board did - - -say so - - - and you will
         see that if that be the case, you will get more support then you can possible
         believe to stay on.   You see Michael, in Sun City Summerlin, we and I have
         believed hurting anyone is a no no - - - yet we have the so and so LeVasseur
         and her cronies hurting us all.   I had informed you that here openly you
         supported their terrible decision, and beyond even your back, both LeVasseur
         and Cullen in their secret writings clearly stated they were to hide data even
         from you Mr. Schulman, yet they come along asking for your assistance to
         possibly pull them out of a hole.   Mike their about as two faced as any one
         in the business.   By the way Mr. Schulman, do you think I would refer to
         their secrecy policy without having copies of their secrets????

Mr. Schulman it was not a success having you at the Board meeting, but we all know that you were possibly there to be LeVasseur's possible puppet.   Quite frankly
Michael, she does 'nt know sh - -  from shin - - -and when do we get your bill for attending the circus???


                                                                        Bob  Passmonick

I think you and BJ should rethink what you are saying. You both sound more like
the Board and Bjonerud every day. We just had five duds (that translates to
self-serving) vote for an ED who was hand picked by Schulman. The more that we
can get in the news and the internet the better. I stated on the chat lines a
long time ago that the ED had been hand picked and the five, actually 6 but Cook
is a coward, had continual contact with Christine A. Gibbs. Christine Gibbs isn't qualified but even
if she were she would never be able to serve with an honest Board.
Don Gelbman

p.s. We will soon have a vote that will change everything one way or the other.
Given the usual Apathy and communications control it will be an uphill fight.
We have Steinman and O'Connell so we need 3 more to take the Assocation back.
If we get only 2 we will at least be able to get rid of some of the secrecy. It
would be 5-4 but 4 is all we need to make sure the Board obeys the NRS and
governing documents with regard to what is privileged and what MUST be public.

Bruce Alitt Speaks

In a message dated 2/8/2011 11:05:16 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:
Mr. Bruce Alitt:
This is Robert Paisola, CEO of Western Capital International  (Personally) . I would ask that you read our corporate statement on exactly what it is we do and WHY we are reaching out to the 7000 members of your community.

Sir, your commentary has been heard and just as you are proficient in the area of sprinkler repair at Marcello's, we are the experts of governmental and media alliances to STOP THE TRAVESTY that your community is facing.

I really do not care if you like me at all. That has never been the goal. You may wish to watch this video that my foundation created with the mission of change as our constant goal:

Just look at our results on a WORLDWIDE basis.

Robert Paisola

Gardeners/Landscapers: (Home)

• Marcello’s Sprinkler Service, 339-4631. (Bruce Alitt 255-4105, Ralph Edrich and Barry Feinblatt 796-3232)

BJ Martens of Sun City Nevada Speaks of "Control of Information" and "Please deny any Post from Paisola What the Hell? Can these people see what is going on.  I was warned that people who live at Sun City Summerlin are apathetic, but I REFUSE to believe this! Lets see what BJ Martens has to say!

Bob, those of us whose only "agenda" is serious interaction about issues affecting our community won't mind at all if you temporarily moderate this chat line. In fact, I ask you to PLEASE moderate! And deny all posts from Robert Paisola including any forwards or reposts. Freedom of speech is fine but not when it causes harm to others.
There are a few individuals here in Sun City Summerlin who may continue to feed him with information for his blog. Please remember folks, the saying "bite the hand that feeds you" has more than one meaning. The more raw meat you give a dog the more he will want, and things could become quite unpleasant if he doesn't get it. 
Bottom line: this outsider has no vested interest in Sun City Summerlin, and therefore nothing at risk. Let's not jeopardize our residents' investment in this community by playing into his agenda.

BJ Martens

 Association rules lead to homeowner march

By Hubble Smith

Brigitte Porter was fined $3,110 by Heather Ridge Homeowners Association because the color of her driveway paint was a different shade from the previous color.
Doris Vescio of Sun City Anthem has been fined $100 a week since November for a fence that's more than 6 feet high, even though it was approved by the HOA architectural committee.
Joseph McCauley complained that the Mount Charleston Golf Estates board illegally approved a $2,500 special assessment without putting the item on a meeting agenda and under false pretenses to intimidate owners.
More than 50 homeowners fed up with community association "bully boards" gathered Monday at Sawyer Building to rally against what some perceive as abusive power, harassment and exorbitant fines.
They're calling on legislators in Carson City to introduce laws that would cap the amount of HOA fines and collection agency fees, eliminate "kangaroo courts" run by homeowners association boards and limit the mandatory arbitration requirement.
"You left your garage door open. Your garbage cans were left out. There's a brown spot in your lawn. You're guilty before you walk into the board hearing," said Jonathan Friedrich, an eight-year resident of Rancho Bel Air and rally organizer.
He spoke about the "wheel of horrors," or shortcomings of Nevada Revised Statute 116, the state law governing homeowners association boards. The state ombudsman doesn't protect homeowners; attorneys take retaliatory action against homeowners; and 85 percent of decisions in mandatory arbitration go against the homeowner, he said.
Nevada is struggling with its financial budget, educational system and unemployment rate, said Friedrich, who has volunteered to go to Carson City as an unpaid lobbyist on behalf of community association homeowners.
"If we attract people back to the state, where are they going to live? In an HOA with bully boards?" Friedrich said. "It's interesting that on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), Realtors are advertising, 'No HOA.' What does that tell you?"
The alternative dispute resolution process administered by the Nevada Real Estate Division is broken, said Bob Sullivan, a Las Vegas attorney who represented several homeowners in cases against their HOAs. It needs "transparency and honesty," he said.
HOA attorneys and arbitrators will always opt for arbitration because they're awarded tens of thousands of dollars in fees, Sullivan said. Homeowners are forced into mediation before they can file a lawsuit.
"You've got $25,000 to $40,000 in legal fees before you step into court. It's absolutely ridiculous," Sullivan said.
The movement toward reining in HOA abuse is getting larger and more organized each year, Sullivan said. He encouraged those at the rally to run for HOA boards in their communities, but to be "passionate and fair" should they get elected and not use their power for retaliation.
Bob Robey, a Sun City Summerlin resident and rally organizer, said he wants his civil rights returned. There's no separation of power with the HOA board of directors. They write the rules, enforce the rules and issue the fines, he said.
"I see a lack of consistency that if any city hall were run like this, it would be a shame," Robey said.
Lawmakers thought they were doing homeowners a favor by writing into law that HOAs can fine someone only $100 per violation, with repeat violations up to $1,000, but lawyers weren't making enough from those fees and now run them up to $8,000 to $10,000, Robey said.
Friedrich has set up a website,, to draw support for the homeowners' cause and keep people abreast of happenings. He said there are about 15 bill drafts in the Legislature dealing with HOAs.
He said Assemblyman Harvey Munford, D-Las Vegas, introduced a home- owners' "bill of rights" at the last Legislature and it got "trampled on" because it would hurt attorneys, collection companies and community association managers. Munford complained to his HOA when his stepdaughter's car was illegally towed from a gated community.
Patricia Taylor, president of Nevada's chapter of Community Associations Institute, said she can understand homeowners' frustrations and agrees that changes are necessary.
"We're going in the same direction, we just have different ways to attack the problem," she said.
Taylor said there's a difference between a one-time fine and continuing violations.
"Let's say the lawn is yellow. They can continue to fine you until it's corrected," she said. "If you do cap the fine, somebody will buy the fine. They'll pay the $2,000 cap and won't do the lawn."
Realtor Troy Kearns said he has to deal with HOAs every day and said "they're basically tyrannical and aggressive." The whole problem is putting people in power who don't understand the law, he said.

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