Attorney Michael T Schulman Confirms in Writing that Christine A Gibbs Is Gone!

To our dear friends around the world:

If you want this mess fixed I will do it, however "We are not attorneys... WE EAT THEM ALIVE" , Including this Puppet that Steinman is Using.  We will use the attorneys in the community.  Wanna Play Now Gibbs et al? Oh, and we do not answer to a board.  We answer to the party who cuts the checks.  Just watch if you want an idea of how we work.  Again, email us if you want me there. GOD HELP THEM.

Look at how we present John Leach at the FBI all the data to charge on a silver platter (they like that) and listen closely I AM NOT EVEN CLOSELY TRYING TO PRACTICE LAW WITHOUT A LICENSE. I HIRE ATTORNEYS. However in 99 percent of the cases I could care less what they say... they get in they way. 

The bottom line is that you need to have me help you fight this battle and trust me, we do not send pretty little letters. You have the facts. I will attend your board meeting if permitted and rally if invited.  It is very simple. You deserve a PIT BULL helping you and not some pretty little puppy (Attorney Michael T Schulman )  Google his name in 30 days.  You decide.

WARNING- Once you decide to go this route there is no turning back. We fight to the end. We examine EVERYTHING and honestly, we could care less what you say. We will spend over 300 hours on this project and it looks like people will be indicted.  We will prepare the charging documents for the US Attorney, we will work with the people we deem credible, and we will be deadly honest.

Again, Look at our results.
Westgate Resorts- David Siegel
Consolidated Resorts- Artie Spector
Goldman Sachs
And the list goes on...

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Group of Companies USA


As you are aware, We have spent hundreds of hours working on a project that we felt was necessary for the residents and owners AND THE MEDIA to learn about Sky Las Vegas.

We just received a letter that was given to the many owners of the Sun City Summerlin Assocation that confirms that The Current Property Manager at the Sky Las Vegas, has been selected as the winner to become the new Executive Director at The Sun City Summerlin Association

In a letter dated February 3 2011, Schulman states:

1. This board is run by a resident of SKY and that the populace at SUN should not give credence to the facts and documents on the site,

2. Counsel confirms the engagement of his client "Chris Gibbs" which is what we have been saying all along.

We know that residents are mad as hell and there is a board meeting scheduled for February 7, 2011 at 9:00 to do ONE THING, VOTE on the final confirmation of Gibbs as their leader.

This is a personal email that I received from one of the board members in confidence:


Sun City Summerlin and its politics is a 007 story.

An HOA Board is supposed to be a non-paying position, where people who have much can give back to their community. If it is non-paying why do they spend money to get elected? Why do the same people run again and again? Why do non-profit clubs have as much as twenty one thousand dollars in their account? Our Forum Club, run by a former Board member, has that much, after giving thousands to charity...with no Federal tax number?

We have a meeting Monday morning, 9 AM. Our Board is offering a job to a favored applicant. I understand the salary is about $140,000, with 6 weeks paid vacation and 3 month termination penalty. The election for the Board is full swing and voting is taking place. 

The new Board takes their seats 2/23/11. 

The old Board wants to seat the new Exec. Director before the new Board sits. 

How much of that contract do these folks get????? I doubt that is nothing.

We have a budget of about 14 million dollars. We have three golf courses, three restaurants, snack bars, pro shops, etc. That all equals money leaking from the boat called HOA.

I chimed into a public Board meeting concerning $120,000 for golf cart batteries. I told them I was in the auto business and had contacts at Exide and Interstate. We could buy the batteries wholesale. I was told they were junk batteries and they would buy from their regular wholesaler. Who gets that envelope.

I am not on the Board. Only someone on the inside who can investigate. I registered to run for the Board. I am now a candidate. My chances of election are as good as yours. Why? They count the ballots. Funny? Can they print more ballots and stuff the ballot box? Laugh or you have to cry.

All repairs and construction jobs are handled through a closed bid system. They call for bids. Bids are not posted. Repair a roof and only called bidders know about the job. Cute? Another cash envelope? Prove it! 

AND they run for re-election.


So with that said, We can guarantee that the life of Christine A Gibbs is about to change forever.  One good thing is that she is GONE FROM SKY-  THAT WAS MY MISSION and the factual data we uncovered made it all that easy.  We have been told by board members at Sky that this is a COUP for Sky, and Yes it is. It was Hard work, and I thank you for all of your calls, letters and emails thanking me for getting rid of her....for YOU.

I can promise you that you are seeing what the power of the pen can do.  The new ED at SKY will be given a fresh start, from where I sit.  We will seek to have all the sanctions removed from the effected residents and work to make SKY a place that is worthy of being the "Best" in the State.

Michael T Schulman will be terminated, as will his employ at SUN be terminated.

Our Foundation will continue to work with the 7000 residents of SUN, and guide them through this incredibly difficult time, as they see what it is like to be tortured by a Gibbs Administration.

March 15, 2011 is the last day that the residents of Sky Las Vegas have to deal with this lady.  Thank you so much to all of the current and former employees whose assistance made this possible.  Your confidence will never be broken.

All I ask you to do is to judge me by my results.

We won!

To your Success,

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation USA

-Oh, I am not NEARLY DONE with Attorney Schulman...

Update- 2/6/2011 5:45 PM PST
It is becomming clear that the residents of the Sumerlin Sun City HOA are not giving up. This is an email that I received that clearly outlines a case to at the minimum seek an injunction on hiring Gibbs.  It appears that there are a lot of people who are privy to some ILLEGAL happenings, and they are not prepared to stand by.

Our position is that we have always wanted what was best for the residents of Sun City, but now that there is a vote coming up at 9:00 AM in the morning, people are telling us that they are preparing to seek court redress.  We strongly support this decision.

To the 7000 people that received the letter from Attorney Michael T Schulman, it appears that the letter and the character assanation of your advocate only caused the collective mass to erupt.  This is a link to the entire memo. Michael T Schulman

We then received these emails:   It may be that Gibbs is going to go without a job at all, and that a Judge will now be entwined in the chaos, destruction and fraud at SUN, and The Christine A. Gibbs  ED Decision.

A Corrupt Organization is held to be a RICO Organization, and with the passion and the PROOF that these individuals are pushing this, it looks like serious criminality.  This would easily explain the letter referenced above by Attorney Michael T. Schulman.  We are planning our own lawsuit against his bar license.

The data is as follows:

 Feb 7th  @ 11 AM !
Grant Sawyer Building

Join This Large Group of
Unhappy Home Owners
Protesting Nevada's NRS116 Laws
That Are "HOME-OWNER Unfriendly" !


Monday - FEB 7th, 2011
Grant Sawyer Bldg
(Across from Cashman Field)
555 E. Washington
Las Vegas NV 89101
11:00 AM ~ JOIN US !

will be covering this event!

We have lots of signs for you
to carry during Our Rally!

The HOA Advocate


Did you all see TV Channel 13's latest?
"HOA Hall 0f Shame" ?
Darcy Spears did an amazing segment for
 an 85 year old Widow living in Sun City Anthem!
then Click Here for more about that Shameful SCA Board President: Jack Troia!

Darcy Spears has become

Results from the recent coup by Sun City Summerlin Director, Marilyn LeVasseur, aided by a  few supporters to successfully remove President David Steinman and replace him, are now coming into the open, and we the members who pay for all expenses may learn what the FACTS are.
Here is a quick review based upon my belief and understanding from the inadequate information delivered to us members.
1.  Steinman a some other Board Directors decided it was time to replace the Exec Dir.
     There were several known reasons and apparently at least one of such severity that
     disclosure has been ruled out by attorney agreement.   I believe the key issues were the
hiring of over 40 undocumented employees, continuous growing losses from two businesses that appear to violate our Association status as a non profit entity, and no evidence of making any changes to reduce the losses.  I could be wrong.
2.   Several Association members including a stated number of 8 who had served on the
      Board decided to oppose the plan for dismissal.   The speculated reasons range from  
       their enjoyment of low cost golf, a desire to never convert a golf course to a park, and
      also the desire to not lose the key employee that could be so easily controlled.
3.  Stan Bjonerud and Sheila McCanna, as self appointed, or selected leaders of those in 2.
     above, attempted to prevent the firing of the Exec Dir by sending to all Board Directors a
     very threatening memo dated 19 Aug. 2010 wherein it was stated that depending on the
    status of the Exec Dir and David Steinman at the Board Meeting that date, they were prepared to immediately release an attachment, that was provided with the memo to Sheila McCanna's list of "News You can Use" readers and in Stan Bjonerud's "Village Voice".
My interpretation of this, as plain citizen, was that it was extortion or blackmail. I could be wrong.
4.  The Board did not report or file charges against this duo because of their inappropriate 
      threatening memo.   Shortly thereafter, several of the Former Directors also contributed to
     the movement to get Steinman out of office with similar inappropriate statements.
5.  Steinman was removed from office and apparently initiated a legal activity in order to clear
     his tarnished reputation.  One particular incident with a secretary was investigated by an
     outside source and he was found to be innocent.  Another incident that he was accused of
     now appears to be cleared and Steinman's attorney has demanded 12 Association members of their need to publicly apologize, or be prepared for Steinman to file a civil action.
6.  The 12 persons involved, so far are shown below with a * if they were a Director at the time
      of the charged offense.  Directors may or may not be indemnified by our Association
      D & O liability insurance, depending several factors.
Beers                         Conrath             Post           Bronstein          Flynn           Bachman*
Walterscheid             Bjonerud           Winkel       LeVasseur*      Cullen*         Cook*
You will note that Sheila McCanna was apparently overlooked in this notification.
There is at least one more case of this type expected to be filed shortly and there is clear evidence that she was a contributor to the 19 August 2010 memo to the Board that started
this engagement.
I am optimistic that I will be able to send out by Email a full copy of the anonymously sent document I received yesterday.   If successful, it will go out ASAP.
 Bernard Silver
You will meet today in a continuation of a series of Executive Sessions,
all related to the hiring of a new Executive Director.  You are doing
this even though at least one director is out of town and can’t attend.
 Signing a contract with an Executive Director is critical to the
success of SCSCAI but you the Board are and have spent a great deal of

The fact that the Board is meeting today in preparation for a special
open Board Meeting with the only Agenda Item being the hiring of an ED
raises questions and concerns.  I urge each director to think carefully
about his or her absolute requirement of acting as Fiduciaries doing
things in the best interest of the Association.

The rumors are that Marilyn is trying to hire a questionable candidate.
 It is also obvious she is being challenged and doesn’t have a majority
at this point supporting her efforts to hire an alleged unqualified ED.
 None of us can know exactly what is going on but one thing is very
clear.  Each Director is an independent Fiduciary and if all the rumors
and speculation have any basis of truth, you will be violating your
Fiduciary Duties.

You will have to defend what you do this week.  Why would a responsible
Board go through the process this Board is going through if there wasn’t
something wrong.  We have a regularly scheduled Board meeting on 2/15
and a new Board on 2/23.  That fact makes all that has been done and all
that has been spent doing it suspect.  Right now they are just
allegations and rumors but each of you is charged with the knowledge of
what you are doing.  If what you are doing is in the best interests of
the Association, in your honest opinion, based upon due diligence, you
have nothing to worry about.  From what I do know about the leadership
of Marilyn, some of you are taking a risk that is unnecessary.
Don Gelbman, Esq.

This is the Full Document to Download Immediately:
Demand Letter from Harmon and Davies Attorneys
Representing Mr. David Steinman.»

Attempted OCR for GOOGLE
Date: 2/4/20 II 9:54: 12 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: You have to ask yourself - - What in the - - - - is going on?
Please pass it on and post where necessary. A compilation from the
Mr. David Steinman
Yes, folks, David Steinman takes legal action against the Sun City criminals
for wrongfully removing him as President and injuring his reputation. Hurrah!
The Evil One - - -Mari lyn LeVasseur's - - -coup d'etat wi ll cost this fine
community in more legal fees.
We have it on good authority that widow, Kate Carroll, will also take legal
action against th is fine community. Yes, folks, she too fell victim of
LeVasseur Bachman and Cullen's evil invasion plan.
Did the takeover masterminds believe they could destroy Steinman's
reputation without cost? Isn 't it time to do the right thing? Now is time to
lead and stop the WAR started by LeVasseur, Bjonerud, McCanna, Martin,
Cullen, Bronstein, etc. Let someone else stem the tide.
Ms. Jill Elliott
Yes, fo lks, Ms. Elliott is taking legal action against the ruler and tyrant
LeVasseur. This fine professional never had a chance. Ms. Elliott's objection
to LeVasseur, Bachman and Cullen 's evil plan was not to be tolerated. If
employees objected to the overthrow plan, they were rewarded with
termination. Ms. Elliott objected and was FIRED for doing her job and being
the finest HR professional th is community has ever known.
Rumor has it she has over 1,500 e-mai ls and documents in her possession to
prove the evil wrongdoings of LeVasseur, Bachman, Cullen and yes, folks,
even Schulman. You see, folks, one of their own turned on the wickedness
and gave this fine professional all board and attorney e-mails. As Schulman
told you in the e-mails, attorney-client privilege is now waived because you
leaked ALL the information to Elliott. Which one found their conscience
and turned? Is it Cook? Is it Flynn? Is it O'Connell? Is it Bachman? Truth
wi ll surface during depositions - - We can hardly wait. We mailed this letter
to Ms. Elliott to make it 1,50 I. Ms. Elliott can place it with the e-mail where
Ms. Nasty and Ms. Evil talk about keeping information from Human
Ms. Linda Summers
Yes, folks, Linda Summers, former HR Director also sues. Why? Tit for Tat.
We have it on good authority Lorin Martin and LeVasseur continue to
encourage Summers to sue. Unlike Ms. Elliott, an investigation took place
and it was proven Ms. Summers had not performed her job and had to be let
go. Want facts - - ask a Board Member for the Linda summers report. Case
Closed - - unless Board President LeVasseur encourages you to take legal
action. FWUCIARY - - Does that word mean anythi ng to you Madame
Mr. Allen Hughes
Has fi led with the EEOC. He never was given a fair chance at the ED job.
Mr. O'Connell warned this could happen, but Nasty Cullen played out
LeVasseur's plan to hire Christine Gibbs to the final end.
Hey Ms. Nasty - - The residents would still like to see the offer letter to
candidates Watilo and Stillwell. One of the two candidates is on record that
Cull en is lying. The plan was complete once they FIRED Ms. Elliott. Nasty
Cullen got her out of the way to hire anyone they liked.
Ms. Eileen McKyton
Ei leen was told by Nasty Cullen - - her unsolicited advice is not welcome and
SHE is the cause of spreading rumors and lies - - Well, folks, Ms. McKyton
has filed a complaint with the Nevada Real Estate Division and has informed
the EEOC of Cullen and LeVasseur's illegal hiring practices. McKyton and
Alin volunteered for the Executive Director Ad Hoc Committee and were
subject to Cullen, Bachman and LeVasseur's abuse. Dictators do not allow
you to question or respectfully object. This folks, is how we thank the fine
residents who volunteer their time and expertise in this fine community_
Ms. Christine Gibbs - The Annointed One
Attorney Schulman lies in his letter to this fine community when he says he
did not refer Christine Gibbs. Gibbs found the job on a website. That website
is run by Sarah Berry out of Schulman's own office. CONFLICT!!!
I do not care what anyone says, a bankruptcy and a foreclosure are relevant!
Is not anyone concerned that OUf new ED cannot manage her own finances?
Gibbs may be a nice person but she would NOT have passed the mustard at
any other corporation with Sun City's kind of budget.
Attorney Schulman - - - - Time To Call John Leach and the FBI Special
Task Force Investigating ROA's In Las Vegas - - - - -
SHAME on Schulman for endorsing LeVasseur - - Contlict of Interest and
evidence they are all in this evil mess together.
HEY Schulman - - you never say if Sky Las Vegas is being investigated by
the FBI special task force from Washington D.C. that is now in Las Vegas?
Why did you evade that subject matter?
Many of us once supported you but no longer! You are grubby in our book.
Chief charlatan of humankind - - - Stan Blackmailer Man Bjonerud! Stan
"the Blackmailer Man" avers Silver of dispersing tales when this dazzling
creature shaped the original blackmail/extortion letter dated 19 August 20 10.
Hey Bjonerud - want additional demand letters and legal action launched?
Your wish is our command King Bjonerud.
Hey Bjonerud - Is ICE all you got? We will talk about ICE next.
Hey Bjonerud - Sun City workforce loathe you. Your documented deception
angers the employees. The self described peon underlings commit to memory
eons ago your pledge to tum over the Village Voice. What happened
Bjonerud? Another falsehood? Unthinkable to relinquish a medium to
spread deceit to the masses? Your ego's price tag is sizeable. Care about the
lost advertizing funds to The Link? All Hail King Bjonerud. The personnel
say they grin to the King's face ALL cackle when the King walks away.
YOU are the trouble and the personnel, like the fine residents, have NO
reverence for you. ZIPPO! NADA! NONE! ZILCH! ZERO! NIL!
Hey Bjonerud - - we hear fellow ruler Mubarak is available to join your swim
Marilyn is a DOLT and has balls the size of boulders to take credit for no
Reasons there were no fines - -
• Previous HR Director was fired for not following proper 1-9
• Winkel was "mutually released" and given a GIFT of$128,000 by
his buddy and Attorney Schulman.
• Exceedingly qualified HR Professional Ms. Elliott enrolled
association in e-VerifY to stop the hiring of ill ega Is.
• Ms. Elliott browbeaten by LeVasseur stuck to the letter of the law.
THOSE FACTS explain why there were no fines. Ask Joe O'Connell for the
facts. Ask the ICE agent for the facts. Blackmailers do not know the
Elevate YOUR mind and sign the petitions to do away with the liable
individuals who created this WAR!

See you Monday.

Mr. Frank Beers
3008 Hawksdale Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Mr. Gary Conralh
2220 Beacon Ridge Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Mr. Richard Post
2284 Sun Cliffs Street
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Mr. Bernard Bronstein
25220 Airlands Street
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Mr. James Flynn
8900 Kingsmill Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Mr. Edward Walterscheid
2360 Sun Cliffs Street
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Re; David Steinman
Dear Sirs/Madams:
February 1, 2011
Mr. Stan Bjonerud
10433 Button Willow Drive
Las Vegas, NY 89134
Mr. Ron Winkel
10840 Spruce Bough Street
Las Vegas, NV 89183
Ms. Marilyn LeVasseur
10313 Villa Ridge Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Ms. Patricia Cullen
2766 F aiss Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Ms. Ellen Bachman
10933 Fort Valley Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Mr. Orin "Bud" Cook
2500 Rocky Plains Drive
Las Ve9as, NV 89134
(702) 733-0036
FAX (702) 733-1774
Please be advised that Harmon & DavIes, P,C. represents the Jegal interests of
David Steinman with regard to the defamatory statements made, and which continue to
be made, regarding him and which have severely diminished his reputation in the Sun
City community. We are aware of several written and oral statements accusing Mr.
Steinman of having an inappropriate relalionship wilh Kate Carroll and alleging Ihat he
was removed as President of the Board of Directors for reasons which are factually
untrue. We have received evidence that these statements were widely disseminated
throughout the Sun City community, with no regard for the damage they would do or the
false nature of their content.
1 (800) 238-2803 www.H-DIAW.COM
I i
"LW"'\ HARMON &: 11\VIES, P.C.
r..IL..J Art'OtMMAtLAw
Under the law, defamation consists of a false statement communicated to a third
party. Other than damages, nothing more is needed. Defamation per se can be found
when a defamatory statement implicates a person's lack of fitness for trade, business,
or profession and, in that instance, damages need not be proven, they are presumed.
See Clark County School Dis!. v. Virtual Educ. Software, Inc., 213 P.3d 496, 503 (Nev.
2009). A statement is considered defamatory when ~ "would tend to lower the subject
in the estimation of the community, excite derogatory opinions about the subject, and
hold the subject up to contempt." Pegasus v. Reno Newspapers, Inc., 118 Nev. 706,
715 (2002).
The statements that have been made about Mr. Steinman have no basis in fact
and are clearty defamatory per sa under the law. The statements made were all
malicious and made with a reckless disregard for the truth. There is absolutely no
question that Mr. Steinman's professional reputation in the Sun City community has
been injured over the past six months. As you all know, he was improperfy removed as
President of the Board of Directors and we are aware that defamatory statements
continue to be made about him orally and in writing. There is no question, then, that Mr.
Steinman has a viable cause of action against each of you for your partiCipation in these
Demand is hereby made that all false and defamatory statements about Mr.
Steinman cease immediately. Additional demand is made that a public apology be
issued by each of you retracting your comments made against Mr. Steinman. Please
advise me by no later than February 10, 2011, regarding when and how you will be
issuing your public apology. Be advised that Mr. Steinman is prepared to file a civil
action alleging causes of action including, inter alia, defamation of character, intentional
misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, and conspiracy and will seek all
available remedies [ncluding injunctive relief and attorneys' fees and costs.
Very truly yours,
cc: client

The bottom line is that you need to have me help you fight this battle and trust me, we do not send pretty little letters. You have the facts. I will attend your board meeting if permitted and rally if invited.  It is very simple. You deserve a PIT BULL helping you and not some pretty little puppy (Attorney Michael T Schulman )  Google his name in 30 days.  You decide.

WARNING- Once you decide to go this route there is no turning back. We fight to the end. We examine EVERYTHING and honestly, we could care less what you say. We will spend over 300 hours on this project and it looks like people will be indicted.  We will prepare the charging documents for the US Attorney, we will work with the people we deem credible, and we will be deadly honest.

Again, Look at our results.

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Group of Companies USA

More Bullshit-
Dear Friends:
  We have been subjected to terrible lies and distortions of situations!  I can't call them distortions of "facts" because there was no intention of presenting "facts" - just an intention to manipulate owners of Sun City homes and railroad them into   pre-judging current Sun City Board members.  Acusations of "secret" meetings and secret agreements have been circulating throughout our community. Baseless lies meant to harm people who have had to deal with very difficult issues not of their making.
I have been a supporter of Ron Winkel for several years.  He was very good at financials-maybe not-so-good at some management issues. Ron made two misakes that led to his departure.  One had to do with the "illegal employee" issue  and the other cannot be published by mutual agreement between Ron and the Board.  The Board was put in a precarious position.  Maybe they didn't handle it as we would have preferred but it is done. Almost simultaneously, an issue involving the then-president of the board arose.  It is of a nature that cannot be discussed with memberhip.  Perhaps they over-reacted, but I understand they acted on the advice of their counsel.  I am personally not happy with the outcome of their actions but I am not privvy to all of the facts. 
That said, none of the upsetting recent events give an excuse to a relatively small, but ever-growing faction to gain member's acceptance through lies and outright distortions. If you allow yourself to be "suckered" into believing their accusations you will be a party to the serious consquences that will surely follow.  Especially if trouble-makers and not-too-smart people are elected to your board because many people fell for the lies.
PLEASE, Note the above is a part of McCanna's document.  
She is part of the Bjonerud\McCanna duo that by memo. to each member of the Board on August 19, 2010 "threatend" to disclose private and personal statements about then President David Steinman.  Her accusations were not proved to be true and now Bjonerud, and perhaps she in the near future, will be required to apologize publicly, or else.  If you trust this person McCanna in any deals, be warned, she says one thing, but that is not what she knows to be otherwise, or she doesn't know what she talks and writes about.
If anyone desires proof --- I have some.
Bernard Silver

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