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Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 4:09 PM


There are many accusations and statements made on the Sky Las Vegas Blog that may or may not be true. However those issues need to be looked at just in case they may be true. The Board has a fiduciary duty to verify and validate the background and previous performance of all candidates for the top executive position of a $13,000,000 corporation. I haven't seen or heard anything on any candidate's experience running 3 golf courses and a community staff of near 300. Per the Sky Las Vegas Budget, they had a very small staff and few amenities. Besides a dysfunctional Board, the biggest problem is "GOLF"!

Below are some observations that I believe should be reviewed and explored by the Board. A second interview by the full board seems prudent based on recent information.

ED Issues the Board should assess and evaluate!

The law suit A-09-5999065-C may or may not be a significant issue as it relates to the Community Association Manager Capabilities and performance. That law suit issue is associated with a Title of the owned Condominium unit.  There is another law suit A-10-608-741-C (same as for the law suit against SCSCAI) relating to Associations and collection agencies charging high fees affecting resale prices. Sky Las Vegas is part of that suit.

 A Board member should contact the New Director and Mr. Thomas Duncan to get his perspective on the performance of Christine Gibbs. Mr Duncan is a current Director per the Secretary of State web site.
Board should inquire about the alleged Double charges for electrical meter reading and electrical service charges as summarized on the Sky Las Vegas web site. Does Ms. Gibbs consider this Metering and Sub metering a violation of Nevada Statutes as alleged? Ms Gibbs should explain the allegation of why the individual unit owners electrical consumption is 29% of the total electrical consumption but responsible for 53% of those costs.
Board should inquire why Christine Gibbs wrote a letter to a renter just before Christmas requiring the full payment for all past electrical charges (over $4400) that were the responsibility of the OWNER. Why is the renter responsible (suppose to be owner) and why during Christmas threatening to turn off electrical power? The actual letter Attorney Schulman wrote is on the web site. 
The Board should inquire from Ms Gibbs her accounting of the allegation that she gave out unit owner e-mail addresses and possible other Private info so a letter could be written from California and mailed to unit owners discrediting Board member Thomas Duncan so he would not be re-elected. (Via a Former Employee "Melissa" )

The Board should inquire from Ms Gibbs about the alleged issue of where the money from overcharging electrical services goes and is it properly accounted for in the budget and balance sheet. (and with the State Attorney General... We did...)
The Board should inquire from Ms Gibbs why her Company, assumed to be Prescott Management, has their Business license revoked by the Secretary of State. 
The Board may also want to check with the RE Div on "complaints" made to any CAM applying for the ED Position and disposition them accordingly.
Paul Callaghan

Our Message-
This is one of the best statements on this issue that we have heard next to the "Elder Abuse" Issue , which is indeed a federal crime.  We challenge you to literally dissect the SkyLasVegas.info website, and you will find many other issues.  It is absolutely a conflict of interest for Attorney Michael Schulman to be playing all sides of the fence.  We have thousands of pages of data that we have been given that we have not posted.  Pay particular attention to the balance sheets.  Demand to see the Debt Collection Statements from Silver States Collections. Do you see a  problem? We do.  Why is/was  M. Aaron Yashouafar permitted to be on the board, passing out SERIOUS SANCTIONS when they are/were delinquent on their own HOA Fees. Yes, He is the Developer.  And you will see what has happened across the nation because of this man.  Google that name my friends. 

The board has an obligation to complete the due diligence.  How you found out about Tom is anybody's guess.  We challenge you to interview RANDOM OWNERS in the Sky Las Vegas.  We challenge you to listen to tapes that we have with Sky Las Vegas Staff that is no longer there.  We challenge you to talk to the people involved in the litigation... Your failure to do so will only sweep the problems under your mats except 20x more.

Finally, you will want to google "The Robert Paisola Story"  It is being made into a movie, and in 14 years a person can learn a lot.  Look at our foundations, and the political activism that we do on a daily basis.   This was my message to the American Public at the conclusion of 2010:  There are 7000 of you and very few of us willing to fight the fight.  We do not stop, we can not be paid off and we are loyal to the core.  

Just a thought for our many friends at Sun City Summerlin, Nevada.

If you have a story worth telling, email mailto:class.action@skylasvegas.info%20

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Concluding Word From Robert Paisola on 2010

To our many friends, clients, associates and employees around the Globe, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what we all have experienced in 2010 and how it has effected you and some of the work that we have been involved in.

As I write this commentary to you, my great  friends, the first word that comes to mind is the word "Chaos". Our country has never experienced this type of financial shift since the great depression.  Every day we receive your emails and horror stories of what you are going through. I want you to know that as the President and CEO of Western Capital, we are fighting the battle for justice on many fronts.  There are many cases that we simply can not take on, as we too, are being pulled in all different directions.

The Western Capital VIP Program has experienced much success as we have taken on the titans of Corporate America. We now have facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada so that we may continue to combat the timeshare industries, the illegal homeowner associations, the illegal conduct of automobile repossession companies such as IGS Nevada, and our "Put the RepoMan in jail Campaign, as well as our debtors revolt against Bank of America, as well as the illegal conduct of the administrators of our Criminal Justice System, The Harry Blausey Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit out of Newark Ohio, and the many other battles that we take on.

One thing that I know is that we are creating change on a worldwide basis, and because of our "take no prisoners" attitude, we are winning the battle on all fronts.  Our Prison Partners Initiative is working. We are working closely with members of Congress and groups such as the November Coalition and FAMM (Families against Mandatory Minimums) to stop the injustice against the African American Population regarding the Crack Cocaine Disparity in Criminal Sentencing. We are watching in awe, as people like Bruce Poon Tip, the CEO of GAP Adventures, can stick his head in the sand, as they ran a ship into an ice glacier, expecting no consequences. That case is in Federal Court now, and my sister was a victim.  We are seeing evidence that our involvement in the timeshare "double deeding issue" is being noticed by the FBI and people like Artie Spector and David Siegel are going to prison.  We know that "Slumlords" like M. Aaron Yashouafar of Milbank Properties are finally being outed by our never ending battle to show America the injustice that has been created around the Nation by on man. We will see him in Federal Prison.

There have been some good moments to reflect upon as we think about 2011, and one of the greatest is the dynamic success of The Western Capital Multimedia Division.   Our success at www.VegasNightsLive.com has given us much admiration around the world.  All we can say is you have not seen anything yet!

I have been blessed beyond measure, and it is the continued support of people like you, who watch what we do very carefully, that we are able to produce the results that we do, day in and day out.

We at Western Capital wish you the best holiday season, and as we always say... Look at our Results.

With Deepest Love and Respect

Robert Paisola

Chief Executive Officer 
The Western Capital Family of Companies
In a message dated 2/1/2011 2:46:02 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, vegasbaba22@... writes:
Yes there is a lawsuit.
Mr Paisole has not the greatest background
The lawsuit is against the association
No where is Prescott or Gibbs mentioned, however, I assume they would be called upon as witnesses
Perhaps Aaron Y is Pres of the board
Perhaps Aaron Y is behind in his assessments
If this be the case he should not be on the board as I am pretty sure the docs state that. NRS 116 states that the secretary or other officer specified in the by laws, normally the management company, causes notice to be given to each unit's owner of his or her eligibilityto serve as a member of the e board. Each units owner who is qualified ...may have his or her name placed ont the ballot...
If the above are all true than Aaron is not qualified to be on the board and if he would not remove himself than the board or management should have contacted NRED or the Ombudsman. I know that they are backed up, however this thing seems to have been going on since 2009 so I think they would have, if informed, have done something about it.
Since it seems that I seem to be one of the few on this chat line that has gotten the memo that Gibbs has actually been offered and accepted the job at a salary of $130,000 with 6 weeks vacation. i don't know what to tell you.
Was she interviewed by the board? Don't know not on board
Did any of this come up during the board interview? Don't know, however, it should have so they could get her side of the story
Was she the best candidate available and afforadable? Don't know not on board
Was she offered the job, and at what salary? Don't know not on board
Was a full background check done as was stated would be done in committee? Don't know
Did she accept the job? Don't know
It seems that almost everyone on the chat line knows all of the above. I have spoken to several board members and they are not talking so I do not know how you people know all of this. At this point it is all rumors.
I only hope that the board does their fiduciary duty, selects the best possible candidate, does a full background check and we have an ED that can handle a property the size and scope of Sun City Summerlin in a manmer consistent with integrity and is ethical.

Eileen- Thank you for your honesty to the 7000 residents whose lives are at stake.
-- On Tue, 2/1/11, Norman Press wrote:

From: Norman Press
Subject: [SC-SCOOP]
To: SC-SCOOP@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 5:09 PM

Subject: Christine A.  Gibbs tells the State of Nevada to Go to Hell To: Ellen Bachman , FRANK BEERS , bod@..., KEN CAROCCIA , Gary Conrath , PAT CULLEN , Pat Cullen , Jim Flynn , BRIAN GREENSPUN , MARILYN LeVASSEUR , levasseur07@..., THOMAS MITCHELL , MICHAEL SCHULMAN Cc: STAN BJONERUD , SHERMAN FREDERICK , JONATHAN FRIEDRICH , BJ Martens , SHEILA MCCANNA , JOSEPH O'CONNELL , wkrane1912@... "Christine A.  Gibbs tells the State of Nevada to Go to Hell" (in part)

NOTE: I'm forwarding information generally known to the public.  You, the Sun City Summerlin Association members should be made aware of the information.
As I understand it, this current Board, driven by Marilyn LeVasseur is force feeding those without backbone to support her selection of an Executive Director at around $140,000 per year.
Wouldn't it be appropriate for us members to have the opportunity to learn about her education and work experience?
Furthermore I understand that this Christine is so confident that she has the Exec.  Dir.  position in our Sum City she has already resigned from her current job and will not be available until March 15, 2011.  So why is Marilyn LeVasseur rushing to get Christine hired.  Why not wait until after the new Board is seated and let them make the decision?  Something here smells and it isn't Ch.  #5.
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