Lets take a look back in time at a video that was produced about Sky Las Vegas, How Are You Doing Now America, Robert Paisola Reports

So, Lets see what people were promised in 2008 from Sky Las Vegas. Now Look at what happened to the property. Look at the photos that were taken TODAY! Photos and Video NEVER EVER LIE!  And then lets look at photos that were taken one day PRIOR to the big 4th of July Celebration.. What Happened?

Great Video Bruce,
Now lets take a look at what has happened to that same beautiful area that you did your live broadcast from just 2 years ago, under the management of Prescott Management and Christine Gibbs.  This is only one of many many videos that you will see comparing the property "Then and Now"  Lets Get Started.. Shall We?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well shortly you will hear LIVE audio of a 23 year old resident being yelled at by one of the Sky Las Vegas Employees, ( just a contract worker ) You will also hear a security (contract worker) scream obscenities at an African American Male who was discussing the condition of the property... Christine Gibbs... It is time to leave the building, and No this is not terrorism, this is TRUTH, and EVERY SINGLE WORD can be backed up with affidavits, photos, exhibits and ,,,your own words... That would be fun to bring all of this out in court.  Do you want to play?  You are DONE!

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