Why We do What We do? Robert Paisola Reports

Over the past 2 Weeks, since the commencement of this campaign for change at the Sky Las Vegas Complex in Las Vegas Nevada, we have attracted a lot of international attention on not just the Sky Property, but the entire Las Vegas Corporate Market Decline in general.

Our main focus has always been on creating change in America, and this weekend, we received our 500th person to join our cause by following our posts around the world.

We have spoken to some of the nations best experts on issues that we feel that need to be addressed. We have spoken to you, the homeowners, who entrusted your money with the builders and designers of the property.

We are hearing your pleas and want you to know that we truly care and are working hard for change to create a financially viable property.

One of the most difficult things that a CEO must deal with is the issue of change.  Change is often times difficult, and many times combative.  Many of you are aware of our missions against some of the largest developers in America. Although the journey was difficult, the values of the properties ALWAYS increased.

Last Friday, we tendered a letter to the Board of Directors of The Sky Las Vegas.  This letter was very factual and to the point.  In that letter, we outlined many issues that you, the American Public and Unit Owners have brought to our attention.  However, we began to notice one common thread... the immenent fear of the current property manager, Christina A, Gibbs.

We ask you to think of the current George Clooney Movie entitled "Up In The Air" . This is about a man who did nothing but go city to city to force management to change for the betterment of the company.  This is a clip from the movie:

As you can see, this man has a sole mission to change management. That is all that he does. Just like this trailer portrays, that is our mission. At, we ask our international clients to ponder these issues:

Our goal at Western Capital is to develop a plan that you can afford and creditors will accept. The program works as follows:

1. Call us IMMEDIATELY and ask for Robert Paisola (especially if there are IRS GARNISHMENT ISSUES or LAWSUITS)
2. Fax us a list of your problem creditors, we will run a preliminary analysis on the problem.
3. We will then look at your cash flow and see if it financially makes sense to have Robert come to your business,
4. We agree on a fixed price for the on-site visit, The price varies based on where you are located. For instance if you are in Detroit, the price will be different than if you are in Miami or Dallas. Its all about the convenience and destination of where you are located.
5. You use your built up stash of miles to fly Rob to your location and set up the hotel and "activities"
6. The CEO and President or Owner will meet in the lounge at the hotel and have a brainstorming session and you will lay out the confidential facts of your issues. EVERYTHING is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL!
7. Voila, the next day, Robert Paisola shows up at your office and all hell breaks loose! So if you have employees who are not used to an ADHD Type A Personality,,, You might want to prepare them.
8. We will review all of the files and invade the Accounts Payable Office. We will devour the box of unopened mail that is sitting in the corner because it is all bills and you did not want to have to deal with it.
9. Next, we will start calling the SECURED creditors who you are PERSONALLY LIABLE for payment on. We will make this the top priority (along with payroll)
10. We will all go to lunch daily and we will discuss the project with your team. Some people will be PISSED. Some will be AMAZED. So, be prepared!
11. Unsecured creditors are always the last priority and we straight out tell them that, You can not conceive the POWER that you have when we are at your location and your creditors are folding like ducks in the water.
12. Next comes the PLAN, that is where we will set you up with a cash allocation analysis. You will be required to create the BUY IN from your employees so that they can see that things are changing, Rob will give you direct feedback on who is the dead weight in the company. Lets hope it is not your wife, but he will tell it like it is!
13. By the time the 4 days are over, you will no longer require Valium or Lortab just to Function. You will have a plan of attack and you will have a number to give all the creditors. That is what we get paid to deal with. You simply say "I am so sorry Jennifer, I know we owe you 110,000 on that invoice, but all of our finances are being CONTROLLED by a company called Western Capital. Give them a call.... And have a nice day!
14. Once Robert arrives back in Salt Lake City, Utah his team will devour your data and you will have direct access to Rob at a reduced rate, unless you become a pain in the ass, and then the fee doubles.
15. Bottom Line... You have no choice. If you have read this far, You need our help and we GUARANTEE that NOBODY ELSE will play the game the way we do. That is why Robert Paisola is an international Expert in Credit and Collections, just look at and
16. So, just do what comes natural and call Rob Today at 1-877-517-9555 and if the staff plays games with you on getting through to him, tell them to patch you through because you are a CLASS 120 CASE

Now, Try and find someone who will do that!

So, now that you see what we do on a daily basis, you can only imagine what we would do if the same types of things were going on inside a high profile building, that is the self proclaimed "Luxury Tower of the Strip"

Unfortunately, we have not received a reply from any of the recepients of the letter, so we are going to make this one final statement. We followed a company called National Profit Associates for over three years, and we were finally able to create enough financial damage to the company, that they decided to cease and desist trying to destroy not only our clients business, but others around the nation. We filed a multi million dollar lawsuit against us, and through the efforts of our combined efforts, we were able to prevail. This case is now in the memorials of the American Juris Prudence Library at :

International Profit Assocs., Inc. v. Paisola, 461 F. Supp.2d 672 (N.D. Ill. Nov. 14, 2006) (Bucklo, J.).

Judge Bucklo held that plaintiff was likely to succeed on its Lanham Act and cyberpiracy or cybersquatter, 15 U.S.C. Section 1125(d), claims and issued a temporary restraining order ("TRO") preventing defendants from conduct that likely infringed plaintiff's trademarks. Based upon the cyberpiracy claim, Defendants were ordered to stop making content available through their website,, which was likely confusingly similar to plaintiff's site, The Court also ordered defendants to stop using plaintiff's trademarks as search terms in Google's Adwords program.
An Adwords user specifies search terms relevant to its business or website, so that whenever a search with those terms is performed on the Google site, the Adwords user's advertisement or website is displayed on the search results page. The Court noted that the Seventh Circuit had not ruled on whether using trademarks as keywords in online search programs was a use "in commerce" as required by the Lanham Act, but noted that other courts had held that it was a use "in commerce." The Court also held that defendants' use of plaintiff's marks was leading to "incalculable" loss.
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This was a banner case, as it effected billions of dollars of transactions for International Profit Associates. Because of this case, we were able to create change. This was a case that cost over 250,000 and we paid the fee. We do not fear litigation, as we know that our worldwide benefactors back us to the end. This is only but one of the wins that we have had.

Back to Sky Las Vegas. It is apparent that there are serious financial issues that exist of a questionable nature at this complex. Based on this fact alone, we began to dig for the truth, using our skills as members of the media.

The outcome was simple. The Current Manager of the Property, Christine Gibbs, has to go. Shortly, you will see a video from a dear friend of The Western Capital Corporation, Mr. Donald Trump, discuss this case as he refers to the "weakest link"

Knowing that our letters and commentary are merely looked upon as mere rhetoric, we are going to let, you, the American Public Speak.

We will be posting a letter at the end of the day that deals with specific details of the issues that must be addressed, and then we will be posting the letter that was sent to the Board of Directors of The Sky Las Vegas.

Again, please continue to send your comments to and your confidentiality is assured.

To your success
Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation USA

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