Are you looking to Rent in The Sky Las Vegas? Join Us As We Take Back Our Property!

Ok, Listen closely,

It is no secret that this blog is one of the most powerful forces that exists when it comes to finding out just what it is like to live at The Sky Las Vegas.

One thing we know is that for each and every one of you that read this and then head over to a realtor to rent a unit, serious money is paid. We do not like that idea, because the reason that you are moving here is because of this site, and our associated sites at:

The Sky Las Vegas Resident Feed on Twitter

The Sky Las Vegas Resident Site on Facebook

The Sky Las Vegas Resident Meetup Site

So, if you are wanting to move into sky (NEVER EVER EVER BUY A UNIT IN SKY LAS VEGAS  RIGHT NOW- UNTIL YOU TALK TO US, AND WE REVIEW THE DEAL) then simply email us and we will make it happen.  The money that would go to the guy that shows you around will be used to support our cause of Change at The Sky Las Vegas.

(If you are a Realtor, you are most likely pissed, however, we do not care, send all of the hate mail you want. This is not fee splitting, and trust me, you will have NO EFFECT on our mission, and if you want to play hardball, have you poodle attorneys send us a Cease and Desist letter, and you will see how we deal with them.  (Simply Google "Attorney Marvin Dang Hawaii" or "Artie Spector Consolidated Resorts" or "David Siegel Westgate Resorts"  or simply head over to our national news site at Western Capital News

You really do not want to go down that that path... do you?

We are creating a non profit foundation right now to support this mission. We are backed by most of the owners of the units in Sky Las Vegas and members of the Board of Directors.  I will be on the Board of Directors in September 2010.

If you are considering renting a "Developer Unit"  STOP.. We will connect you with the people that will assist you and make sure that you are taken care of.  So in other words, as part of our mission to create change, we need you to change the way you do things.  Just think what would happen if all of the Realtor's that are not part of "our team" were taken out of the equation?  That would mean that all hell would break loose, but we would gain funding for our billboard campaigns, television campaigns and radio campaigns.

Stay tuned for a very direct and personal comment on our mission from Mr. Donald Trump.

Welcome to Las Vegas America.

To your Success
Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation 

 This is a photo of the Hot Tub at the Sky Las Vegas in October 2009. Notice that there is no WATER in the Hot tub?  Memories!

If you believe in our cause, and you are financially able to assist us, please consider making a donation. We are here for you, and sometimes fighting for your rights, like this mission, costs money, but the results are amazing!
Thank you America!

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